Posted on December 1, 2021

Physically based rendering: materials

3D scenes consist of objects, each of which has a shape and a material. The shape is defined through a mesh: a collection of vertices, edges, and faces living in a 3D world. The material describes the color of the object and how it reflects and transmits light. In this post, I inspect a popular way of expressing the material: a principled BSDF to see how its numerous parameters influence the look of an object.

Posted on November 28, 2021

Physically-based rendering 101

After watching one of the Two minute papers videos: a short video summary of a research paper made by ‪Károly Zsolnai-Fehér‬, YouTube algorithm suggested I should watch the rendering course of the same author next. My physically-based rendering knowledge is very fragmented: I was immersed in the lingo without understanding it through friends who are doing PhDs in related areas, and I tried and failed to read PBRT. I watched Károly’s course to connect the dots and, hopefully, to understand Blender better.

Posted on October 27, 2021

Easy-to-use text-to-speech

Adventure games, the genre I like, tend to contain a lot of talking. Apart from writing the character statements on the screen, bigger game studios hire voice actors to record them and play the recordings. It is a lengthy and costly process. I decided to see how far text-to-speech is from being able to substitute human actors for indie adventure games.

Posted on October 22, 2021

Learning Blender

When I was doing the graphics for the T.I.M.E stories expansion, I tried out various workflows for creating the content. Looking for inspiration on how professionals make art faster, I encountered a GDC talk titled Concept Art is Dead. It claimed that no one is drawing things from scratch and everyone uses quick shortcuts like rendering a scene in Blender to get nice shadows or copying the texture from the internet instead. I tried it out to see how learning the basics of Blender may help me in creating 2D graphics.

Posted on September 29, 2021

T.I.M.E stories expansion graphic workflow

At the end of last year, I made a fan time stories scenario. Concretely, only the “story” part was finished then, with all the graphics missing. This year, together with Michalina, I was working on and off on adding the custom images to the game. Being relatively new to graphic design, I tried a couple of different styles and workflows for creating the content.

Posted on September 6, 2021

Life after MIM UW analysis: making of

I did a Masters in Computer Science at MIM UW in Warsaw, Poland. Many of my fellow alumni have successful careers, both in Poland and abroad. I wanted to know whether this was a statistical phenomenon or just a bias based on the group of my friends. To do so, I ran a survey among MIM graduates to know their fates better.

Posted on July 6, 2021

Tax residency for fun and profit

Tax rules, which describe what portion of one’s profit needs to pay to the government, are famously complex. If they involve multiple countries, they are even more confusing. Having moved to a different country for the 2020 pandemic, I studied the regulations in detail and decided to write down my observations for the future.

Posted on June 20, 2021

Compressed inserts for board games

Board games are often sold in boxes that are bigger than necessary to fit the game elements. It makes sense from a marketing perspective: oversized shiny covers are better at grabbing the attention of buyers in a shop. Once bought, the big boxes are a pain: they are problematic when moving homes and take more shelf-size than needed. For this reason, at the end of 2018, we tried to design new, smaller boxes for board games with my girlfriend.

Posted on May 9, 2021

Digital painting exercises

I think I am learning the quickest when doing a sequence of well-defined challenges of appropriate difficulty. As I didn’t find a course of digital drawing I’d like to follow, I was compiling separate exercises from various sources. They helped me to make small steps of progress in improving my digital painting skills.

Posted on April 5, 2021

Choosing game engine

The idea of telling stories interactively through video games is appealing to me. Some time ago, I started writing a scenario for a first, test game. In this post, I write down my experience of choosing a game engine.

Posted on January 30, 2021

Starting with digital painting

Posted on December 7, 2020

Escape from Auschwitz: a fan T.I.M.E stories scenario

Posted on October 10, 2020

Rushing through Proko courses

Posted on July 11, 2020

Drawabox: 14 months later

Posted on June 19, 2020

Digital version of T.I.M.E stories

Posted on March 24, 2016